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The term ‘Fantasy art’ covers a vast range of subject matter and styles. From comic figures such as Superman, and paintings of mythical creatures and Greek Gods, to SALVADORE DALI’S surrealism, sci-fi, and computer generated art for magazines and games such as World of Warcraft,  fantasy art allows the artist complete freedom.

We will be adding selected works over the coming months.  



This work titled ‘dragons dream’ is a great example of the art of mythical creatures and magical worlds.

fairy , art by Tom Conway

Fantasy art showing a woodland fairy Take a look at prints and canvases with this Fairy tale image.




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    Painting of an angel- titled ‘Spiral-enslaved Angel’

    mythical cat creature

    Titled ‘no fear’ this painting is a vibrantly coloured image of a cat against a black background. Beasts and mythical creatures now have a major role in online games such as World of Warcraft, but have played a part in art for hundreds of years woth Unicorns, dragons and the like being the subject of many famous paintings.  Buy a framed print of No fear

    girl on a motorcycle card0202

    Pinup girls



    This painting shows ‘The fortune teller’ focussing  on the crystal ball. The use of light and colour gives this painting a dark and mysterious glow. Stories of the power of Seers, sages, mages, wizards, witch doctors, and shamen , have existed throughout history. of course many of these stories and legends are based on some real events. 

    Legends and stories of people with magical powers from Merlin and King Arthur intrigue and inspire many people, whilst daily horoscopes, and lucky numbers telling how lady luck may smile upon you.  Buy this framed print or poster.


    Aracnafaria by Anne Stokes



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