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Pinup Girls


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female figure drawings & paintings of nude glamour girls

Here we have a selection of paintings that focus on the artistic beauty and characteristics of the female form.

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pinup-girl vintage style art02

Pinup Girl painting by Tom Conway. Available at Fineartamerica

Example of vintage pinup art  by  Alberto Vargas . Beautiful illustration with natural flesh tones and sensual pose with the model holding her breast as she breathes the scent of a flower. Classic glamour model image. pinup art , nude glamour girl by Alberto Vargas. View more pinup art.

painting of lady godiva nude on a horse This work by John Collier, showing lady Godiva on her horse.

pinup girl  painting titled  'The lady in red high heels' , original painting by T J Conway.

The lady in red high heels is a  painting in vintage pinup girls style influenced partly by Vargas. Find out more

Definition: nude art. The nude has become an enduring genre of representational art, especially painting, sculpture and photography. It depicts people without clothes, usually with stylistic and staging conventions that distinguish the artistic elements (such as innocence, or similar theatrical/artistic elements) of being nude with the more provocative state of being naked. source:wikipedia

pinup girls

Exotic vintage nude poster



The female nude has always been a favoured subject of artists, and art lovers alike, and the examples here include classic pinup girl images by Alberto Vargas, and photographs of women.

Vargas images would often portray elegantly dressed, semi-nude to nude women of idealized proportions. Vargas' artistic trait would be slender fingers and toes, with nails often painted red. Vargas girls became world renowned when published by Playboy magazine in the 1960’s. ref wikipedia. More pinup art.

pinup girls ceramic mug and other gifts

seated nude The actress02

The Actress drawing by Tom Conway. available at FineartAmerica

pinup girls gift ceramic mug, semi nude pinup girl wearing stiletto shoes and hat
canvas print red flowers and girl in green advertising



painting of two nude females titled The Beauty of Tranquility Green, by artist T J ConwayThis painting shows two young women lying down. The female figures are painted in an impressionist style, the painting titled ‘The Beauty of Tranquility Green’ is available as a canvas print.

Pinup Girls


pinup girls
painting of a semi nude female dancer in style of vintage 1920s art deco,  by artist Tom Conway

‘Showgirl’ , by Tom Conway-

oil painting , woman in a red dress holding a flower

 ‘woman in a red dress holding a flower.’

original oil painting of a woman   by artist Tom Conway

In contrast to the pinup art style of the lady in red high heels, this painting uses body language to add an emotional dimension to the artwork.


Contrasting examples of artworks on this page include  ‘Girl before a mirror’, showing Picasso’s mistress, and Alberto Vargas’ classic pinup girls.   ‘Olympia’ by Edouard Manet, was a highly controversial painting at the time it was exhibited. 

Girl before a mirror by Picasso. Buy this Picasso print. read more at artrepublic.

Girl Before a Mirror shows Picasso's young mistress Marie-Thérèse Walter, one of his favorite subjects in the early 1930s.


Manet,Edouard, painting of Olympia,

Olympia by Edouard Manet .

Olympia by Manet, was controversial and  shocked contemporary viewers not merely because of possible elements of adult erotica, rather because suggestions within the painting that the female figure was a coutesan , (or mistress.)



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pinup girl,   poster

posters of vintage pinup girl art and photography

Pinup Girls

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