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Dance art

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Dancers and dancing are popular subjects for artists, and here we have a selection of drawings and paintings illustrating modern dance, contemporary dance styles, & classical ballet. The examples were created with a variety of techniques including  digital art, photography, and impressionism. Dance art here includes ‘The Ballerina’ , The Black tutu’, and the popular ‘Showgirl’ .

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ballerina painting

The ballerina , original art work by T J Conway. Buy this dance art canvas print

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Dance Posters

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Dance Posters


black tutu , dance art painting Impressionist art by Edgar Degas02

‘The Black Tutu’ an impressionist style painting. Buy.

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Degas- view impressionist paintings by Edgar Degas.

Dance Gifts

ballerina dancer clothing long sleeve shirt
messenger bag   ballerina design



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Degas little dancer figurine

Fine art Gifts & gift ideas including tote bags, Tee shirts, mugs,  framed prints & posters.

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    degas impressionism dancers03

     View more degas impressionist art including the orchestra and dance paintings.

    These classic images of dancers by Edgar Degas are fantastic examples of his artwork.

    painting of contemporary ballet

    This painting is titled Dancer in light,an original dance painting by T J Conway.   Partly influenced by degas and other impressionist art. Buy now.

    fred astaire dancing03


    This picture of Fred Astaire and Lucille Bremer in ‘Yolanda and the thief’ shows them as they dance to a song called ‘will you marry me?’ Not one of Astaire’s most successful films, however this image gives a glimpse of his dramatic dance style and stunning presentation.

    silhouette dancer

    Pastel drawing of a male dancer, illustrating the silhouette with simple highlights.

    Painting  in copper bronze frame, nude art by T J Conway.

    This painting is of a ‘Showgirl’ , displayed here in a copper bronze frame. Visit the female art gallery page to see this and other similar paintings by Tom Conway. Buy this canvas print now.

    The light fantastic,  girl dancing with stars, based on an original painting of a Dancer,  photographs, and digital effects.

    dance art work by Tom Conway. Buy this art print now.


    vintage style dress designs painting

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    figure paintings by T J Conway

    painting , Rudolf Nureyev and ballerina Bryony Brind

    Oil painting of Ballet dancers at rehearsals. Now available to buy as a canvas print, and fine art giclee print.


    Blue Ballerina , pastel art work of a dancer


    Blue Ballerina This popular dance image was selected as a featured design at Zazzle Tops . Buy this canvas dance art print now at Zazzle, now also also available at fineartAmerica.

    hand extract 2 copy04

    Dance Posters


    To buy a print of any of these dance paintings please visit the art shop page.

    Dance History: It is not possible to say when dance became part of human culture. Dance has certainly been an important part of ceremony, rituals, celebrations and entertainment since before the birth of the earliest human civilizations.(source : wikipedia)

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