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Music and ART

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This page has examples from a collection of paintings and drawings inspired by music, musicians, and music culture. With influences from pop artist Peter Blake, to French impressionist Edgar Degas we hope you enjoy paintings and posters of ‘Slash’ , Hendrix, Ringo Starr, the Cello player, and other artworks as well as posters and mp3s..

Art prints, iphone and samsung cases. Art  featuring music and musicians such as Hendrix , and abstract saxophone designs at Tom-Conway.Pixels.Com

Music inspired art by Tom Conway - see more art

shred it guitar art skull small

Fantasy art

Digitally created art, Hendrix in purple and black based on original painting by Tom Conway

Jimi hendrix by Tom Conway

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portrait based on Jimi hendrix, original painting in acrylic, available as poster, art print, & canvas.

Original painting of Jimi Hendrixx

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portrait of elvis presley, an original oil painting  by Tom Conway

Elvis Presley, oil paintings on canvas

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a painting of ex guns n roses guitarist Slash , a great piece of guitar art by TJ Conway

pop art paintings, slash, guns n roses

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woman with trumpet image03

woman with trumpet , canvas print.

painting of ringo starr

Ringo Starr popart painting , available as a canvas print.

Painting isnpired by musicians, picture of a woman playing the cello by TJ Conway,

music drawings and paintings

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girl in boots with blue guitar, musician relaxing

The Girl with Blue Guitar, a watercolour painting , inspired by female musicians such as Julia Pierce of US Girl group  Cherri Bomb. Now available as a fine art or canvas print, Find out more.

Now also available from the SAATCHI Gallery.

skull rose rock music icon


Great range of gifts and T shirts with this image of a skull and Red Rose. Find out more .


Rock & Blues Music

painting of ex guns n roses guitarist slash (Saul Hudson) playing gibson guitar.  Superb guitarist also with Slash's Snakepit and Velvet Revolver

Original painting of ex Guns n Roses rock guitarist and songwriter “Slash” by T J Conway. Buy this canvas print or poster of Slash.

The history of Rock and blues is vast, and luckily for us today , there is a fantastic range of music and art available, whether you are into blues by artists such as John lee Hooker, classic rock by Led Zeppelin, or more contemporary sounds. This painting of Slash from the great Guns n Roses is one of many fine art works representing a rich culture of music.

Take a look at the Jimi Hendrix artworks below.

Musical genre images here range  from rock and roll, to classical, and from contemporary, to   rock music. Many of these images are available to buy as posters and prints, Subjects include famous musicians such as Jimi Hendrix, Slash, & Elvis, as well as music related fashion and style.

Singer Composer Songwriter  Corinna Jane, photo by Tom Conway

Check out our photographs of musicians and other Music related images , including Corinna Jane, Jah Troopers.



Jimi hendrix guitar art. A painting of Jimi hendrix playing stratocaster guitar from a collection of original paintings  by Tom Conway, available as posters and fine art canvas prints.

‘Jimi’, painting of Jimi Hendrix - available as poster and canvas prints. Buy this Jimi hendrix canvas print.

JImi Hendrix purple on black, design based on original painting of Jimi Hendrix  available as a poster or fine art print.

Buy this hendrix print or poster now

skull shred it leggings Tom Conway

Skull guitar player design on leggings, perfect rock chick clothing ! Featuring the guitar player with ace of spades tattoo, smokin’ rose, and shred it logo. Check the Shred it !leggings out along with more clothing and fashion at society 6 .


Digital art, a variation on the painting of ‘Jimi Hendrix’. The enduring genius of Jimi is as popular as ever, from the 1960’s in the days of vinyl records long before Cd’s , mp3, or iTunes existed.

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Classical Music

painting of a masked girl playing the cello.

painting of a woman playing her Cello. a striking image with vibrant colours available to buy as a canvas print now.

Degas little dancer figurine


Fine art Gifts & gift ideas including tote bags, Tee shirts, mugs,  framed prints & posters.


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a contemporary painting showing a mix of punk hair, style, culture, music, and attitude.

This painting by Tom Conway shows a group p of punk music fans, with elements of Punk Rock ,  fashion , punk hair styles,and attitude. The influence of Popart by Peter Blake and others is easy to see here. Buy now

Music portraits

an original oil painting of Elvis presley

Oil painting of Elvis Presley

Elvis, the King of Rock and Roll to many, this portrait painting in oil captures a moody Presley image. Buy Elvis art now. 

ringo starr

This portrait of Ringo Starr combines popart and impressionist styles to give a unique image of the beatles’ drummer. Created with chalk pastel and acrylic paint. Prints of ‘Ringo’



Girl on a motorcycle
by Tom Conway. A striking popart style painting of a female on a motorbike, that is available to buy now as a print on canvas, art papers and posters . 

penny lane beatles music tie design

Tie featuring Penny Lane sign, made famous by the Beatles song.

Jimi hendrix T03 slash T06 punk T02 elvis T02 classical cello player, orchestra ,stringed instruments



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