Degas little dancer figurine

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Paintings & photography by Uk artist Tom Conway ( Thomas Conway, T J Conway)


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Tom Conway , British photographer and artist, typically produces figurative work, but also equestrian, wildlife , and vintage style subjects ,as well as some digital artworks. Influenced by French Impressionism as wall as other artistic styles including popart. You can buy art and photography by Tom Conway from a number of art companies as well as some clothing and other products featuring his designs.

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  • Dance art
  • Music & art
  • Female figures
  • Equestrian art

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    ballerina 20502

    The ballerina , original art work by Tom Conway.

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  • Klimt
  • Monet
  • Picasso
  • Renoir
  • Warhol
    black tutu

    dance art

    horse drawings,  a rearing horse with rider

    This drawing shows a rearing horse with rider by Tom Conway. In a sequence of three stages, from the horse starting to rear, the rider is eventually unseated.   Illustrated in white pastel against a black background.

    Slash guns n roses guitar art rock blues  musician

    Original painting of ex Guns n Roses rock guitarist and songwriter “Slash” by Tom Conway.

    painting of a semi nude female dancer in style of vintage 1920s art deco,  by artist Tom Conway

    ‘Showgirl’ , by Tom Conway-

    skirt 102

    Fashion and art join forces in this pencil skirt design, featuring an image by Tom Conway.


    Dance & performing arts

    painting of a ballerina by Tom Conway
    ballet dancers in rehearsal , and original painting showing male and female dancers
    black tutu

    ballet and dance art

    Ballet, picture of ballerina

    The Black Tutu, dance art

    painting of a dancer

    oil painting titled ‘Radancer.’ by Tom Conway

    Impressionist art by Edgar Degas02

    Degas- view impressionist paintings by Edgar Degas.

    digital artwok showing a dancer and stars, combines original painting, and photography,  by Tom Conway contemporary dance art, picture of dancer in light by Tom Conway
    dance art, digital work showing contemporary dancer against a stars, universe,  and space inspired background by T J Conway pastel drawings of ballerina in blue by T J Conway

    digital art , ballerina

    Dance art

    ballet pictures, ballerina in blue

    female figures, dance art

    Degas little dancer figurine

    Fine art Gifts & gift ideas including tote bags, Tee shirts, mugs,  framed prints & posters.

    showgirl popart Tom Conway

    popart inspired image featuring the showgirl by Tom Conway. Find out more.

    Illustrations, photos and vectors, microstock licensing



    a painting of ex guns n roses guitarist Slash , a great piece of guitar art by TJ Conway

    pop art paintings, slash, guns n roses

    Digitally created art, Hendrix in purple and black based on original painting by Tom Conway

    Jimi hendrix by Tom Conway

    portrait based on Jimi hendrix, original painting in acrylic, available as poster, art print, & canvas.

    Original painting of Jimi Hendrix


    Digital art , jimi hendrix by Tom Conway

    digital art and Hendrix pictures

    painting of ringo starr

    Ringo Starr popart painting , available as a canvas print.

    portrait of elvis presley, an original oil painting  by Tom Conway

    Elvis Presley, oil paintings on canvas

    woman with trumpet s0402

    woman with trumpet

    Painting isnpired by musicians, picture of a woman playing the cello by TJ Conway,

    music drawings and paintings


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    Horse art

    horses painting

    Horse art

    race horse and jockey painting by Tom Conway

    Horse and jockey drawings and paintings.

    equestrian painting , horse and rider jumping against abstract background by TJ Conway

    Horse art

    pastel art work, drawings of rearing horse and jockey

    horse drawings


    Whistlejacket by George Stubbs c1762

    Whistlejacket by George Stubbs c1762. Buy this print.


    Pinup Girls & female Form

    lady in red high heels by Tom Conway

    pinup girl

    art work showing two female figures

    female figures models

    showgirl , painting of a female dancer by Tom Conway

    female figure pinup girls

    painting of Lady Jane,

    Lady Jane, painting of a woman in lingerie.

    View more pinup girls.

    oil painting of a female figure

    female figure , oil painting on canvas


    Figurative art, figure paintings & drawings

    woman in a red dress by Tom Conway

    female figure in a red dress

    pop art style painting of punk rock music fans,  illustrating hair styles, leather jackets, & tartan clothing by T J Conway

    figure paintings, punk rock

    pastel drawing of a woman by Tom Conway

    female figure drawing

    painting illustrating a woman in a flowing gown, with a hint of egypt by Tom Conway

    female figure painting

    portrait painting of a fortune teller
    art print available of girl in a red swimsuit

    fortune telling

    a girl in a red swimsuit

    figurative painting titled 'mad world' by T J Conway

    mad world -figure drawings and paintings

    hollywood glamour dress design ,original artwork. painting by UK artist Tom Conway

    Fashion design by TJ Conway

    figurative oil painting based on sports

    Visit the fashion page to see related photos and art work.

     figurative art

    iphone musician sax

    buy iphone and phone cases with designs featuring fine art,  musicians, and other great designs.

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