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Art and design often reflect contemporary fashion, style and culture, whilst many artists, designers, and photographers influence that same fashion, style, and culture. The same can be said for architecture, advertising, and many other areas of life. 

Here in the fashion gallery , you can see a small selection of clothing featuring a variety of images. 

We hope you enjoy them.

Nancy Kwan hairstyle



love to dance tank top design Tom Conway 1a02
penny lane beatles music tie design

Have you ever realised you could be wearing a work of art? This tank top features a design from an original painting of a ballerina - perfect way to own an art collection for dance lovers!

Womens long sleeve T-shirt with ballet dance design by T J Conway available at Society6

ballet dancewear 103

Tie featuring Penny Lane sign, made famous by the Beatles song.

Art and Prints on Clothing and accessories.

 here we have some designs and artwork on clothing and other products, including the ballerina shirt, and leggings with a rock music influenced design.

skull shred it leggings Tom Conway

Skull guitar player design on leggings, perfect rock chick clothing ! Featuring the guitar player with ace of spades tattoo, smokin’ rose, and shred it logo. Check the Shred it !leggings out along with more clothing and fashion at society 6 .

The place for people who like art, clothes, & fashion.

laura jenkinson image 1b

Makup artist and Beauty blogger laura Jenkinson , with innovative cartoon lip art! This image featuring Timon from the Lion King!  Check out Llaura’s book Made Up



T Shirt Dress new at Redbubble

saxophone jazz music inspired dress  40002

New T shirt dress deign featuring an abstract sax player image by Tom Conway. The perfect T Shirt dress for the summer, music festivals, or anywhere when you want to look cool and stylish. Available from our store at Redbubble.



photograph of fashion model in white socks mini dress hat and accessories.
clothes show , fashion , embroidered coat and red stilletos.

Ideas from fashion emerge in many paintings throughout history, and often designs, drawings, and paintings inspire new fashions and trends. Artists such as Tom Conway often draw inspiration from fashion and photography  and some examples of his paintings are illustrated below. The photographs here include the contemporary, and funky, yet stylish outfit with white socks, mini dress, hat and accessories, alongside the  classic lines and beautiful , yet subtle embroidery in the outfit on the right. Photographs of catwalk models by Tom Conway. View more photography.

pencil skirt featuring vintage radio design  by Tom Conway

This pencil skirt features a design based on a world war 2 military radio. Combining photography with fashion as part of the clothing , rather than simply to showcase the skirt. Design by Tom Conway , pencil skirt available to buy at .


The 1960s evokes thoughts of flower power, peace , love, & woodstock, along with some less positive times. This painting of Jimi Hendrix, shows an example of the classic fashion style of Jimi Hendrix , maybe tied in with the positive culture and sometimes psychedelic experiences !

The painting shows Jimi’s trademark hat, with the colours and textures of his clothes mirroring the music he created.

Buy the canvas print now


1960s fashion, psychedelic colours illustrated in painting of Jimi hendrix by T J Conway.
popart marilyn monroe print
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    Vogue- fashion magazine

    Gok Wan- British fashion Guru

    Hair styles- hairstyles design


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    The italian job poster

    What does the Italian Job, Nancy Kwan’s hairstyle by Vidal Sassoon, Twiggy, and the mini cooper mean? The 1960s! Perhaps our favourite decade for style and fashion. 

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    Nancy Kwan hairstyle
    art deco print young girl in green02

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    lingerie model. Drawing of a lingerie model in corset stockings and suspenders.Lingerie is a term for fashionable and possibly alluring undergarments. In English it is applied  specifically to those undergarments designed to be visually appealing or erotic. Lingerie usually incorporating one or more flexible, stretchy materials like Lycra, nylon (nylon tricot), polyester, satin, lace, and silk which are not typically used in more functional, basic cotton undergarments.(source: wikipedia) In this painting the model is wearing a corset ,stockings, suspenders and high heel shoes. The model’s sexy lingerie  gives this image a fun and flirty feel.  Available soon as a print on canvas, & fine art paper. Visit the pinup girls gallery.


    study of a woman wearing blue stockings and green shoes. Buy now.

    monica belluci, photography by helmut newton02 This sensual image of Monica Belluci, by helmut Newton, is a great example of photographic art.  Photography.

    painting of model wearing blue stockingstwork

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    1980s fashion,  original clothing design. Model wearing knee length skirt with pockets, bouse with shoulder pads.

    1980s illustration showing skirt below the knee, with pockets, blouse with wide shoulder pads, very much in the power dressing style that emerged in the 1980’s , and which has resurfaced recently. Hair styles were often ‘big’ , crimped, and complemented the ‘power’ dress style. British fashion guru Gok Wan is a great fan of shoulder pads in his current TV series ‘Gok’s Clothes Roadshow’.

    1920s.   The illustration here shows an original design by Tom Conway, based on an idea of Vintage 1920’s hollywood glamour. The vibrantly coloured flowing gown contrasted with art deco style ‘fins’ short jacket, and bodice, giving   an impression of elegance, and sophistication, and a woman who wants to be noticed!

    Buy this print

    View the original artwork

    hollywoood dress design, original evening gown design by T j Conway.

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    MUsic !

    1970s. This painting is a reflection on 1970’s Punk style, the alternative culture emerging in the 1970’s that shook up a whole generation, and has lived through the 80’s and onwards.

    Many viewed Punk as a decadent culture with anarchic music from bands such as  The Ramones in the US and The Sex Pistols in the UK. Punk brought with it a new world of distinctive clothing , hair styles, and attitude, with designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Zandra Rhodes gaining international recognition and men matching punk female fashions with as much style and rebelliousness.

    punk rock painting ,   mohawk hair, tartan skirt, studded collar fashion by T J Conway.
    womens V neck dark T shirt with vintage 1920's figure design by TJ Conway

    women’s V neck dark T-shirt with vintage style print by TJ Conway available now .

    Buy the ‘sheena’ print

    girl in blue jacket02

    In contrast to the punk style, this painting shows a woman in a blue jacket. The wider lapels,  associated with the British Glam Rock scene in the early 1970s. The high waisted short skirt typical of late 70’s and 80s. After the revolution of the mini skirt in the 1960s, maxi and midi styles emerged giving women more choice than ever.

    The painting titled ‘Sheena is a punk rocker’ after the Ramones classic recording, is painted in a pop art style reminiscent of Peter Blake. The T shirt with Sex pistols graffiti is based on a home made T shirt I once created with a friend in the true spirit of do-it-yourself punk fashion !

    The mohawk hair style is incorporated along with tartan, leather jackets , with just a subtle hint at use of collars, studs & safety pins with the girl on left wearing a studded collar.

    This work is now available as a poster and canvas print. Buy the ‘sheena’ print or  Visit the art shop to find out more.


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    womens top , dancewear with ballet artwork

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