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Online Gallery of Horse art 

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Please enjoy our selection of horse paintings, drawings, and photographs. Here we have horse art by famous equestrian artists such as George Stubbs, as well as contemporary artworks. Horses are fantastic animals, and whatever artistic style you prefer for horse  paintings, we hope you enjoy our gallery . 


portrait of the  grey race horse by Tom  Conway

Horse portrait of a beautiful grey, available as a canvas or framed print. Find out more .


Horse Photography and Portraits

horse art art for sale



horse art by leonardo da vinci, horse figurine

Horse art : Sculpture

leonardo da vinci horse figurine.Leonardo da Vinci spent a lot of time studying the shape and particularly also the movement of horses, one of nature's wonders. He had plans to sculpt a monumental horse but only completed a clay model during his lifetime.

This statue of a horse is taken from his drawings and the drawings of his followers.

This horse sculpture is one of many art sculptures available from the National Gallery. Dimensions: 23 X 22 X 8 cm Find out more.

horse art | A painting of a horse and rider, 'The equestrian'  by T J Conway

The equestrian, horse painting by T J conway.

This horse painting titled ‘The Equestrian’  shows the power and co-ordination of the horse and rider partnership. Buy this horse art now

fine art gifts with designs by T J Conway,

Fine art Gifts

  • Peter Blake
  • Tom Conway
  • Leonardo da Vinci
  • Edgar Degas
  • Gustav Klimt
  • Millais
  • Monet
  • Pablo Picasso
  • Jackson Pollock
  • Renoir
  • Rothko
  • Vincent Van Gogh
  • Andy Warhol

    Tristram Shandy Bay race horse , painting by George Stubbs c1760

    Tristram Shandy, painting of a bay racehorse held by a groom by George Stubbs c1760. This beautiful painting is a superb example of the classic style of George Stubbs. .

    Horse art : paintings  & Drawings

    horse art. painting of Whistlejacket by George Stubbs c1762

    Whistlejacket by George Stubbs c1762.

    horse art. Drawings of a rearing horse with rider

    This drawing shows a rearing horse with rider in a sequence of three stages, from the horse starting to rear, the rider is eventually unseated.  Illustrated in white pastel against a black background. Buy this horse art print .

    horse and rider painting by artist Tom Conway titled jump the rainbow

    This is an oil painting titled ‘Jump The Rainbow’ by artist and photographer Tom Conway, combining a variety of painting techniques to create a unique painting.


    Gift Ideas
    Degas little dancer figurine

    Fine art Gifts & gift ideas including tote bags, Tee shirts, mugs,  framed prints & posters.

    Racehorse art : painting and photography

    Horse art. Race horses photographed by T J Conway

    A photograph of racehorses approaching the winning post . See more photography.   View Horse Photo’s

    race horse and jockey  greeting card

    Horse art greeting cards.

    horse art . Painting of a race horse and jockey by T J Conway

    This is a painting of horse and jockey by T J Conway. Available as a canvas or framed print. Buy this racehorse print



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    Horses have evolved over millions of years to use speed to escape predators, have a well developed sense of balance and a strong fight-or-flight instinct.  Equine art has been a fantastic subject for artists as far back as early cave paintings.

    horse art . pop art style painting of two race horses

    See more art by Tom Conway

    horse close up, photograph by Tom Conway

    Photography by Tom Conway


    This contemporary painting of two race horses challenging each other for the lead is available as a canvas print. Buy this art print.

    dog pictures. drawing of a racing greyhound drawing,  oil pastel by Tom Conway.

    greyhound racing , pastel drawing of a greyhound now available as a canvas print.

    greyhound dog racing gift ceramic mug

    greyhound dog racing gift ceramic mug


    roulette wheel  picture,  photograph

    View more Photography

    Photograph of the Roulette Wheel, with winning number 31 Black. Available as a framed print and greeting cards.

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    photography tall building
    landscape paintings and photos

    landscape paintings & photography


    surreal painting of large cat


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    Horse art, sports posters, & prints

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