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We hope you enjoy our small selection of artworks , many of which are inspired by sports & athletes. The dedication and perseverance of sporting individuals and teams can result in amazing performances , and some of the artwork here reflecting gymnastics, equestrian and athletics try to capture some of those elements.



The Light Fantastic is a vibrant artwork, and offers a beautiful and elegant image for fans of artistic gymnasts and dance.

This digital artwork was created from ‘Dancer in Light’ (see dance paintings) combined with  photographic effects (see photography). Buy now

equestrian 104

The Equestrian is a powerful image of the olympic horse and rider as they jump the final fence. The popart style adds a great dimension to this image of the leap over the fence.

‘The Equestrian’ painting shows the power and co-ordination of the horse and rider partnership. Buy now

Usain Bolt before the start of preliminary heat mens 100m London 2012

Usain Bolt winner of Mens 100m at london Olympics 2012.


This oil painting titled ‘a day in the life’ is a unique image of athletes. Combining a painting of three runners in a setting incorporating staircases and pillars, this is an interesting  and unusual figurative artwork , with numerous possible meanings.

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Dancer-in-light s

This original painting shows the gymnast combing gymnastic skills with dance styles such as contemporary dance, modern ballet and jazz dance. With a figurative style typically seen in sculptures by Lorenzl and Chiparus. & an almost black backdrop, the gymnast  with arms reaching out and upwards, her toes pointed makes this an energetic yet elegant painting .

runners s030202

This work titled ‘Runners’ combines pencil with acrylic to give a sketch-like result. The athletes pound along the track as the crowd appear simply as a blur of colour.   

A painting of athletes, showing three Runners.     Buy this print

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Portrait of Boxer Mohammed Ali by Andy Warhol. Olumpic champion and later Considered by many as one of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time.

View more by pop artist Andy Warhol.


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athletics painting
gymnastic dance painting
equestrian painting
artistic gymnastics artwork


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